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Launch Timeline

December 28, 2011


Sourcing Handmade will be rolled out to boutique owners across the U.S. in March-April 2012.  Here are the steps we are taking to help you, the handmade vendor, gain entry into a boutique:

  1. Build a comprehensive gallery of items, from multiple product categories.  An expansive gallery is required before we can promote this service to boutiques.
  2. We will begin with a regional direct mailing campaign.  This will consist of boutique owners in the midwest.  We are located near Chicago, so we will work outside of this hub utilizing a few state radius.
  3. We will mail promotional postcards directly to boutique owners.
  4. We will submit online press releases to reputable PR sites.
  5. We will be listed in online business directories.
  6. We will send more personal invitations to the multitude of boutiques located in the greater Chicagoland area.
  7. We will have introductory prices for boutiques as we have for handmade vendors.
  8. We will use SEO (search engine optimization) tactics to increase visibility to search engines.

This timeline is dependent upon building a strong product gallery, which is the cornerstone of our consultancy service.  So, tell your friends and business acquaintances.  For each referral you send to Sourcing Handmade, who enters into a 1 year contract, you will receive 1 free product image in our gallery.

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