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Waterproof Chair Protector Review

February 2, 2012


Got kids?  Then you know how messy chairs can get.  Instead of banning the kids from the dining room, or seating them indefinitely at the “kids’ table,” protect your chairs so they can be enjoyed by big and little tushes alike.  Moms around the nation are raving about these waterproof chair protectors.  Invented by a mom who knew there was a better solution than unwashable expensive chair cushions, or hard wooden seats that prompt kids to get up from dinner half-full.  Their patent-pending design uses adjustable straps to securely fit chairs ranging from 18″ to 25″ wide.  Colors are neutral and fit easily into most decors.  Fabric is soft and stays in place.  If your shop caters to innovative children’s items, household goods or decor, or even kitchen specialty products, this item is a must-have.


Waterproof Chair Protector

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