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Boutique Promo

April 25, 2012


In conjunction with our boutique launch, we are offering a Boutique Promo.  We will provide 1 complimentary wholesale line sheet for any boutique who requests it!  Simply peruse our gallery, and choose the item you love most…what intrigues you, what showcases great talent, what you must have.  Then, email us at info (at) sourcinghandmade (dot) com, and voila, you will have their wholesale line sheet within 24 hours (though probably much quicker).

So, what do you have to lose?  No obligations, no cost, no expectations.  Find what you like, we will provide you with all pertinent info, in one simple, tidy line sheet, so you can persue the designer’s own website, pricing, terms and decide if you’d like to contact them.

***Limited time offer***

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