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Washcloth Sundae Review

May 17, 2012


As mothers, sisters, and friends we have all attended baby showers.  What is a common thread amongst most baby showers out there?  The mother-to-be has a friend write down all the gifts and givers in order to write thank you notes.  Why?  Because there is no way she would remember who bought what!  That problem is solved with creativity.  Our collection of washcloth sundaes, washcloth lollipops, and sock cupcakes not only provides necessities for the new baby, but does so in a creative package.  Each contains either a washcloth, sock, or both wrapped in color-coordinating ribbon, and placed in a sundae dish or cupcake paper.   Lollipops are attached to a plastic spoon.  Order a dozen for an eye-catching presentation that could be used as a focal point or centerpiece for a baby shower.  Coordinate with the nursery theme.  The options are endless!

Washcloth Sundae

Washcloth Lollipop

Sock               Cupcake

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