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Small Boutiques Meet Big Retailer

June 16, 2012


Have you heard?  Target recently collaborated with 5 small businesses across the country, bringing local, boutique items to the retail giant.  Products from these boutiques will be sold in “shops” within Target, most exclusively.  Note the keyword here…boutiques.  Target didn’t work with big name designers, they chose small businesses…boutiques.  Granted they are successful, well marketed, well sought out boutiques, but boutiques nonetheless. Click here to read Target’s press release summarizing the deal, as well as to see the small businesses chosen for this new venture.  The Target blog A Bull’s Eye View gives more background info. on the chosen boutiques. This new strategy of collaboration with boutique businesses is planned to continue well beyond 2012.

Dream big…this could be you one day.  Your boutique, your handmade items…in a major retailer.  It starts with a dream, then a focused idea, then a plan, then a lot of hard work.  One never knows what tomorrow may bring.  Dream Big.  Start Here.

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