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Crafters and Costco

September 17, 2012


If you are a Costco member and a crafter, then read on!

I shop at Costco, and love their Costco Connection magazine.  One would be amazed at how many interesting articles it contains.  While I was reading their August 2012 edition, I found a little snippet entitled “Calling All Crafty Members!”  Here’s the scoop:

Costco realizes the last few years have seen an “increased interest in hand-crafted items.” That being said, if you are a Costco member “who spends your summers or weekends at local markets or holiday bazaars”, or you sell on Etsy or at craft shows, they want to hear from you!  Send them an email about your business (or hobby) to, and use the subject line “Crafty Members.”  The article doesn’t state the end goal, but I presume they may feature some crafters in an upcoming edition.  So, get emailing…and remember to be clear and concise.  If you send a novel, it may just get deleted!  Also be sure to include links to your online marketplaces, or business website.  It may behoove you to attach an image of your product as well.   Good luck!


  1. September 19, 2012

    Sounds nice!

  2. September 19, 2012

    I am a crafter. But not a member yet. But would like to join.
    I do doll furniture for eighteen inch dolls and bitty babies.

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