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Handmade Rag Quilt Review

May 17, 2013


Deer Throw Quilt

Who doesn’t like to cuddle up with a nice, warm blanket?  You know you do!  From infants to great-grandparents, a beautiful quilt is not only warm, it is comfortable, beautiful, and sentimental.  It is as much of a decor piece as a functional piece, that can be gifted for a baby shower, wedding or anniversary gift, birthday gift, Mother’s Day…the options are endless.

Wendy has been sewing for nearly 20 years.  She was introduced to rag quilts in 2006, and fell in love!  After some experimentation, she realized cotton fabrics fray beautifully, and that became her medium of choice.  All of her rag quilts are reversible.  One side is finished, and the other side has exposed seams that are snipped and frayed to create a shabby chic look.  All quilts are made using designer 100% cotton fabrics.   Each square is sewn with a lightweight, natural cotton batting in the middle.  Every quilt is washed once to start the ragging process.  They can be machine washed in cold water and machine dried. The more they are washed and dried, the raggier and softer they will become.

Large/throw-size quilts measure about 46”x65”.  These can be displayed at the end of a bed or over a couch.  They are also the perfect size for a picnic.  These unique quilts are sure to be a hit when guests are over!  Medium/kid-size quilts measure about 38”x46”.  These are a mini-throw that a boy or girl will enjoy in his / her room.  They can be used nicely as a lap blanket or in the stroller for snuggling on the go!  Small/baby-size quilts measure about 33”x38”.  These quilts are ideal for our tiny loved ones.  They are small enough to fit in a diaper bag or drape it over a crib for display.  Babies will love the edges which can promote the development of fine motor skills!

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Medium Bella Throw Quilt

Bella Throw Quilt

Large Romance Throw Quilt

Romance Throw Quilt

Baby Windsor Quilt

Baby Windsor Quilt

Baby Stella Quilt

Baby Stella Quilt

Large Grey Throw Quilt

Grey Throw Quilt

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