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For the Men

July 9, 2013


Orgone Energy™ Rustic Copper Pendant

Think handmade products are only for women?  Think again.  Below are some of our products created with men in mind.  The Unisex Orgone Energy™ Rustic Copper Pendant helps push out the bad energy and bring in the good.  The “Manly Man” body spray is vegan and exudes the scent of classic manly toughness.  The felted wool slippers not only have a unique asian influenced design, but are super comfortable…that’s why my husband wants a pair!  The “Be Funky” abstract acrylic painting will certainly draw male shoppers into a shop.

Bring in product that a man will buy for himself while he’s out shopping for his wife…because every good guy, good dad, and good husband deserves a treat every now and then.

Felted Wool Slippers

Felted Wool Slippers, Blue

Body Spray

Body Spray

Orgone Energy™ Rustic Copper Pendant

Orgone Energy™ Rustic Copper Pendant

"Be Funky" Abstract Painting

“Be Funky” Abstract Painting

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