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The Chicago Gift Market, January ’14

October 13, 2013


Registration opening soon!!

Accepting up to 12 handmade artisans, first come, first served.  Must be a client to participate. Products will only be accepted with a wholesale price < $75.

We will be exhibiting at the Chicago Gift Market at the iconic Merchandise Mart in Chicago, IL,  January 18-21, 2014!

This is an exciting opportunity as it is a wholesale show which attracts roughly 6,000 wholesale buyers including specialty boutiques, big box retailers, galleries & museums, catalog companies, hospital gift shops, garden centers, and hardware stores.  These wholesale buyers are primarily from Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Iowa, but the show certainly attracts buyers from across the nation.

This show is divided by category, and has a section designated for handcrafted items.  This, of course, will be where our booth is…in the Beckman’s Handcrafted section.

If you create handmade and want to get into, or expand, in the wholesale sector, this is a prime opportunity for you!  Trade shows typically cost thousands of $$$ per booth.  So much $$$ in booth rental, booth set-up, marketing materials, product production, transportation, and pre/post show planning and follow-up, that it’s oftentimes difficult for an indie designer to go it alone.  However, through our service, we share the booth and share the cost.

This is a 4 day show.  4 days full of opportunity.  4 days of retailers and boutique owners seeing and touching  your product.  4 days where orders are placed and networking is done.

When you register you will receive:

  • an appropriate and attractive product display and space in our 10 x 10 booth
  • a salesperson acting on your behalf, helping to sell your product to interested wholesale buyers
  • increased traffic to our booth via a half page ad in the tradeshow Market Directory, handed to every wholesale buyer in attendance
  • usage of a professional Sourcing Handmade product order form
  • increased exposure for our online gallery via pre & post show marketing materials
  • post show communication regarding leads and product feedback, if available
  • return shipment of show samples, at our expense

We will do your merchandising.  We will help sell your product.  We will take orders on your behalf.  Afterall…we aren’t successful unless you are successful!

*you must be a registered client of Sourcing Handmade to register for the wholesale trade show.  You may register as a client at this link, then return to this page to register for the wholesale trade show.

Wholesale Trade Show Registration

Opening Soon!


How the wholesale tradeshow works:

  • We set-up and work a 10 x 10 booth containing product samples of the handmade artisans who register.  The booth will have hard walls, appropriate lighting, and attractive displays.
  • We will provide a standardized order form to be used for all wholesale orders placed for our handmade vendors.
    • No payment is made at the show.  We will collect credit card #’s from the buyers placing orders (90% + are willing to provide credit card #’s upon order placement..this is standard practice at this show).  Participating vendors must be able to take and process credit card orders.**
    • The wholesale order form will include a “start ship” and “cancel” date.  The order form is a binding contract, unless the buyer cancels by the cancel date.  If there is no cancellation, you are free to charge the credit card number on the form, and ship the product(s) without any further communication.
    • Custom orders can be charged prior to production.  This can be handled by simply having a great enough time spacing between the “start ship” date and “cancel” date.
    • If you must charge the buyer a deposit prior to production, please indicate on your registration form (otherwise, buyer is charged at ship date).
  • After the 4 day show has ended, we will scan and email (or fax if preferred) to our vendors any wholesale orders placed.
  • You must be able to take credit card orders.  This may entail having a credit card swiper, or a service such as Paypal Virtual Terminal.  Please explore and understand your options before registering.**
  • All trade show sales will be charged a 6% commission.  All commission payments are payable via Paypal (and all major credit cards accepted via the Paypal service).  The 6% commission will be reflected on the wholesale order form, and will become payable to Sourcing Handmade upon shipment of product to Buyer.  Subsequent orders made to same Boutique or Retailer will be charged a 2% commission for one-year (given an active contract exists between Sourcing Handmade and Vendor).

Samples must be in our possession by December 15, 2013.  An inventory list must be included with your samples.

Each product must be labeled with a wholesale price!  Please price items before shipping your samples.  Include item #’s on products if you’d like.


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