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Wanted for Resource Guide

March 19, 2014


We are looking for services to include in our new resource guide!   We would like to provide each new handmade artisan a resource guide to help him / her grow or improve his / her business (continuous improvement, always!).  We are looking for web designers, logo and marketing makers, packaging suppliers, social media managers, copy writers, sales reps,  etc, etc.  If you are a small or micro business that provides a beneficial service to the same, please contact us at info (at) sourcinghandmade (dot) com.  This is a prime opportunity to advertise your services to your target market!  Since inception, we have represented over 50 handmade artisans in the US and overseas.  We continually have about 30 active artisans working with us.  We’d love to hear from you and see if we are a good match!

(This guide would initially be provided to all of our active artisans, and may be extended to our registered wholesale buyers as well if appropriate).

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