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Lux Bath & Body Review

July 8, 2014


Hand-poured Soy Candle

I introduce you to our top seller at our recent wholesale trade show in Chicago.  Lux Aromatica is a complete, handmade bath & body product line.  This comprehensive line presents beautifully with labeling art hand drawn by the business owner / creator herself.  This military wife is an example of a classic success story.  She took her 18 years of experience in candle-making from a craft fair hobby to a successful small business with product in nearly 50 retail shops and boutiques across the country…all the while remaining the sole candle maker in her business.

Her soy candles have a 50 hour burn time, and come in an amazing assortment of aromas.  All fragrances are designed in-house from essential oils.  Her cold process soap bars are handmade using exfoliants, emollients or other luxury ingredients such as clays, chocolate, wine, sea salt, fruits and more.

All products are available for wholesale purchase as singles for testing before placing an opening order.  Candle and lotion testers are recommended.  An offering of matching soaps and candles always creates more fluidity in product turnover, and it is recommended to have products grouped together in a display (making it easier to compare scents), and to display products in groups of 3.  This could be candles in 3 different scents; or 1 candle, 1 lotion, and 1 bar soap in the same scent, etc.

Kerensa designs the packaging in-house and her labels are professionally printed. Her recycled-fiber kraft tubes for candles and glassine bags for soaps are compostable and biodegradable.

The Lux Aromatica product line includes bar soaps, soy candles, hand/body lotions, and lip balms.  My personal favorite product is the “Natural Indulgence” lotion.  It is silky, smooth, non-greasy, with a beautiful and pleasant aroma that is not over-powering.

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