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September 2, 2014


A recent article in Bloomberg Businessweek talks of new-found competition in China over Alibaba.  If you’re not familiar, this is a Chinese owned website where companies can source global products.  Here is why I bring this up:

  • The U.S. is so much in debt to China, it confounds me that people would intentionally give them even more American business.
  • Buying an import directly takes away from a domestic competitor.
  • Products sourced online from overseas have little transparency.  Who is making the product?  Does the manufacturer use child labor?  Is the factory worker paid a fair wage?  Are toxic chemicals being used?  In all likelihood, the answers are obvious and uncomfortable, so people don’t want to talk about it.
  • The article states there is a “battle of the billionaires” in China over this e-commerce service.  Is that a party you want to join?
  • Small businesses open in the U.S. in order to fulfill a type of American Dream for the business owner.  It’s unfortunate if this American Dream needs to come by way of making Chinese billionaires even richer.

This is what drives our passion at Sourcing Handmade.

Our NEW online wholesale ordering platform will be comprised of items HANDMADE in the USA.  This means transparency.  This means helping to fulfill more American Dreams…but aside from the emotional component, it means tangible business advantages such as: very low product minimums, no questionable labor practices, no toxic chemicals, attractive wholesale prices, virtually knowing the maker, the ability to contact us easily (no impossible to reach billionaire business owners here!), and of course the sense of peace that accompanies making sourcing decisions that not only make financial sense, but make sense in our hearts as well.


STAY TUNED, our online wholesale ordering portal will open this fall.  Become even more of a “conscious consumer.”  Know what you buy so you can know what you sell.

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