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Cork Clutches, as Good as Wine!

What is as sublime as a fine glass of wine?  Cork Clutch Candy L2p_EkokamiProducts_020 Cork Clutch Candy L2p_EkokamiProducts_023
Natural Cork Clutch L2P_009

These all natural CORK CLUTCHES are created by Ekokami.  Committed to sustainability, Ekokami makes durable and fashionable bags using recycled cork and durable paper. Their name brings together the twin concepts of being ecological
(Eko) and using paper (kami).

Cork Clutch Natural L2p_EkokamiProducts_009

Cork is very sustainable as no trees are taken down or damaged in the process of creating this product.


Cork is harvested by stripping the outer bark of the cork oak, which then re-grows over the years. At the end of the product life cycle, the material is just as Eco-friendly! Cork is 100% recyclable.  The Ekokami founder is a product and textile designer with a passion for materials.  We have never seen anything quite like these cork clutches, this is why we are bringing them to YOU so you can bring them to your clientele!

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