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Featured Items, Summer 2016

New Product

You can now shop our FEATURED ITEMS in our online wholesale ordering portal.  This section includes specially curated items from our amazing handmade artisans.  Simply login here, and select “featured items” from the drop-down menu.  Many of our handmade products are available for Quick-Ship, so you can re-stock your shelves in a jiffy!


AND stay tuned, hand-turned wooden and acrylic pens to be added to our wholesale shop shortly!

Newsletter: Jump into Spring

February 27, 2016


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Cork Clutches, as Good as Wine!

New Product

What is as sublime as a fine glass of wine?  Cork Clutch Candy L2p_EkokamiProducts_020 Cork Clutch Candy L2p_EkokamiProducts_023
Natural Cork Clutch L2P_009

These all natural CORK CLUTCHES are created by Ekokami.  Committed to sustainability, Ekokami makes durable and fashionable bags using recycled cork and durable paper. Their name brings together the twin concepts of being ecological
(Eko) and using paper (kami).

Cork Clutch Natural L2p_EkokamiProducts_009

Cork is very sustainable as no trees are taken down or damaged in the process of creating this product.


Cork is harvested by stripping the outer bark of the cork oak, which then re-grows over the years. At the end of the product life cycle, the material is just as Eco-friendly! Cork is 100% recyclable.  The Ekokami founder is a product and textile designer with a passion for materials.  We have never seen anything quite like these cork clutches, this is why we are bringing them to YOU so you can bring them to your clientele!

Click here to login to your wholesale account, or to create one in a snap!



Buy Handmade, Do Good

New Product

We just brought on a new vendor from Sri Lanka, who uses local artisans and the art of hand-loom to create these amazing bags!  Not only does this vendor support the local workforce with jobs they’ve created, they give back in other ways.  For every product sold, they provide a school bag for a child in rural Sri Lanka.  It’s a win-win-win!

Buy Handmade, Do Good!  Be a Conscious Consumer.

These amazing hand-loom bags will be available for wholesale next week when we RE-LAUNCH with our new online wholesale ordering portal.

Handloom robe bag

Handloom Robe Bag

Handloom Stringy Bag

Handloom Stringy Bag

Where Are All the Men…(‘s Products)?

August 29, 2015


Handmade Neckwear

We’re excited to announce the addition of another line of men’s products.  We will be adding fashionable ties and pocket squares, appealing and affordable to men of all social & economic backgrounds!   These products will be joining the below men’s products to provide our wholesale buyers with an even more complete array of products.  Adventurously Scented Mens Soap Sampler Hunt & Gather Organic Olive Oil Soap Seasoning Stick Natural Cutting Board Old Factory

Vintage, Anyone?

June 5, 2015


vin·tage: of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality (Merriam-Webster)

Vintage items evoke feelings of nostalgia…they are reminiscent of the past.  However, they appeal to people of all ages.  They don’t just have a look about them, they have a feel about them.  This is precisely what we see in our new line of vintage greeting cards.   GreetingCardVintageLady-HBDayGarlandB (2)


Buy wholesale in a 12 pack or 24 pack.  For individual retail sale.

Hand-Dyed Silk Scarves

May 4, 2015


Nothing says luxury quite like silk.  Not only does it impart visual beauty, it is tactile.  Beautiful, luscious, extraordinary.  Our new line of handmade, hand-dyed silk infinity and classic straight scarves are a treasure to behold.  Julia’s hand-dyed silk textiles are inspired by a love of nature and a focus on environmental awareness.  Each piece is dyed or eco-printed using recycled materials or dyes found in nature.  These include: eucalyptus, berries, onion skins, metal, and fall leaves.  Julia says “my art and vision spring from the forest, but began in darkroom photography.  My textiles are often like photographs.  I see them as a snapshot of a leaf, tree, or season recorded in silk.”  There is a subtle poetry to her pieces that makes them timeless.

With a very small order minimum of 4 scarves, you can try this in your boutique with very little risk.  Please register for free or sign-in here. Her product will be available for ordering within hours!  Scarves are custom-made with a 2 week lead-time.

SH 0018 picture 1 hand dyed silk scarf SH 0018 picture 2 hand dyed silk scarf SH 0019 picture 2 hand dyed silk scarf SH 0021 picture 2 hand dyed silk scarf SH 0023 picture 1 hand dyed silk scarf SH 0023 picture 2 hand dyed silk scarf

Free Shipping on Quick-Ship Items

April 8, 2015


Mother’s & Father’s Days are just around the corner!  We have several handmade products available for quick-ship (< 2 week turnaround), and they are being offered with FREE SHIPPING* (for orders placed by 4/22/15!).  Here is a sneak peak of some of our quick-ship items that are sure to be BIG SELLERS for Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts.

Place your wholesale order by 4/22/15 to receive FREE SHIPPING* on any of these products!

*Free shipping not to exceed $30 per customer

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