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Sourcing Handmade will thoroughly research your company, website, style, demographic, and brand to match you to our products…both handmade and mom-invented.  We will meet your criteria and exceed your quality expectations.  We understand boutique merchandising is not one size fits all, so we custom tailor our services to each client.  With that in mind, we offer full consulting packages and  a la carte packages to suit different clients’ needs…and because we require annual contracts from our artisans, you can rest assured they are still in business, have current items displayed in our gallery, and guarantee delivery.


Consulting Package Includes:

  • introductory phone conversation to discuss your brand and needs (must select this option on form below)
  • research into your brand and image to understand your needs and match you with our handmade vendors
  • wholesale line sheet* for each matched vendor (up to 6 appropriate matches)
  • the opportunity to find multiple, ideal vendor matches for your boutique, providing you with several new product opportunities (as each handmade vendor typically makes and sells more than one type of item…and only a few are displayed in our gallery).

Price: $179

Please complete and submit form below if you are ordering a full consulting package.

*Line sheet sample can be found here.

A La Carte Packages:

  • When ordering, specify in the “notes” section the item #’s and item names for the line sheets you desire.  PDF versions of line sheet(s) will be emailed within 12 hours (typically much faster).


  • Package A:  1 wholesale line sheet

    Price: $29     


  • Package B: 2 wholesale line sheets

  Price: $39

  • Package C: 4 wholesale line sheets

  Price: $49


  • Package D: 6 wholesale line sheets

        Price $59    


  • Package E:   FULL ACCESS!  You receive exclusive access to ALL the wholesale line sheets for the vendors in our gallery.  This access is available for 1 year from date of contract.  Logon to our “Clients Only” page as frequently as you’d like, for 1 year, to view, download, or print the line sheets.  Password will be provided within 24 hours of payment.

 Price $397

Optional  add-on service:

  • In-shop, face-to-face meeting where we walk your boutique and get a personal feel for your brand, discuss your needs, and show vendor samples (this is limited to Chicago and Chicago suburbs).  Please email info (at) sourcinghandmade (dot) com, if interested.

How it works:

Paypal account not required

  1. Read the Terms of Service, found here.
  2. Pay via Paypal above.
  3. A La Carte: Line sheet(s) will be emailed to you same day, you’re done!  Consulting: read on…
  4. Complete and submit the Consulting Registration Form below.
  5. Sourcing Handmade will review your form and contact you within 24 hours.
  6. Within 1 week, we will provide you with the wholesale line sheets from the most appropriate vendors in our Gallery.
  7. Upon receiving the line sheets, you may directly contact any vendors with whom you wish to do business, or learn more information (note, we do not provide your contact info. to our handmade vendors…we let you contact them at your convenience).  Place orders directly with those vendors.
  8. If you choose to place an order with any recommended vendor, we ask you to fill out a Sales Notification Form (click here).  This helps us audit our vendors to ensure they continue to perform at the highest level of quality, professionalism, and service.

Consulting Registration Form